Use Your "Mind Power"

- But How?

Editorial comment:  The following mind power article stresses the idea of embracing the power of the Present Moment -- what we know of as "The Now". It's a little "all over the shop" as to how to achieve that though. In my personal experience, I know of no better way of doing this than meditation. If you have time and the discipline to control your mind in meditation, I heartily recommend it. If not, you might find it incredibly beneficial to use a brain entrainment program like the Brain Evolution System which trains your mind to operate at the peaks of its powers. Good luck!

Use Your "Mind Power" - But How?

By Robert U. Jacobs

Use Your Mind Power!If, as human beings, we are to answer the call within us to perfect ourselves and the world around us "if we are ever to realize a direct and personal relationship with Success itself" then we must all take a mandatory step in our own inner-evolution: we must learn to live in (and participate with) the ever-unfolding and ever new Present Moment.

Being conscious of ourselves in the Present Moment is the key to all things good, not just for the better choices we can make for ourselves (because we can see more possibilities)" but because the more awake we are in the Now, the less likely we are to allow ourselves to be negatively compromised by our own past. Our relationships grow, because we do; confidence increases, because we make fewer mistakes in our awakened state.

Being grounded in the Present Moment empowers us to stand in a world where the waves of troubled thoughts and feelings can no longer reach us to wash us away.

But how can we accomplish this?

What if we could have the power to determine the course of our own life?

What if we could accomplish great things and acquire great riches just by using the power of our own mind?

There are tons of knowledge, teachings, books, audio recordings and articles on showing people how to get the most out of life. There are even lots of courses and systems available that teaches us how to use this tremendous power within ourselves.

These easy-to-follow courses, by the way, are really valuable since we as humans almost totally forgot the existence of this power within us and how to utilize it. Therefore, personal development (or awakening) is a major title in which we can take the advantage of utilizing such valuable information.

This blog is meant to be the place where I share my reviews on personal development tools with my background in medicine as a physician since 1993 and my experience in self development issues as a personal in terest for many years.

You will find interesting articles and comments on new ideas and techniques that are designed to help you to get most out of life.

Personal reviews from experts in the fields of personal development will be published regularly keeping the scientific evidence as a major concern in evaluating techniques.

Also, you will find personal reviews from real users of these techniques such as meditation, hypnosis, EFT and so many others.

I strongly recommend that you follow this page regularly to help you understand the potential benefits of various techniques in order to find the most appropriate one for you.

What we are talking about is neither just some kind of New Age hype, nor exciting but inadequate information as you may have watched in the movie "The Secret". This is valuable scientific information and includes system reviews which are meant to include even the "missing secret" of some of these promising materials that you may find on the internet.

This blog consists of simple comments about what you will find when you use a specific system and what you will not find. Life is simple and extremely intuitional. "When you make a decision, life starts to conspire to make it happen" as Ralph Waldo Emerson states. And as Anthony Robbins adds, "If there is no action, then there is no decision".

Mind Tools Reviews is here to help you understand better that the universe (or God, or all-that-is, whatever you would call) is much closer than you ever thought before. It is only a matter of understanding the principles of how it works.

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