How to Stop Being Such A "Sad Sap"

...And turn your life around with MindPower!

Stop being a sad sap and turn your life around with MIND POWER!Mew, mew, blah, blah... don't you get tired of your own inner voice complaining about how hard your life is? That whiney so-and-so is not great company is it? What would you give to be able to stop it once and for all... and replace it with the voice of the YOU that you weren't meant to be? I'm talking about that inner YOU that is forged and created from the adamantine consciousness of the Infinite.

You were born to be strong, authentic, masterful even... but somehow, like some twisted warped bonsai of a being, you have got nipped, thwarted and well and truly tucked into this horrid little mindset that is so dull, wimpy and boring even to yourself!

The good news? It doesn't have to be this way.


And it starts right now, right here, in your consciousness. The first thing is to turn up the light of your awareness and shine it in all its stark, unflattering glory upon your life as it is now -- and more specifically upon the YOU as you are now! For you are at cause for much of your life's experience. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that you have created all of the accidents, the trials and tribulations... I don't want to freak you out with such a thought (not just yet -- hee hee!). But you are responsible for the way you react and respond to what happens to you -- and those reactions and responses usually ensure you get more of the same.

So look at yourself. Watch your mind in action. Catch yourself in those repetitive moments of whining, nagging, complaint, self-pity, and negativity. Just observe. Observation is cold, clear, and without judgement. Take the blame out of it. This is just-the-way-it-is. When you face up to it, you are one huge step closer to becoming free of it.

The biggest key to change is to use the power of your mind upon itself.

First, observe.

Second, decide what needs to change and why.

Third, make new habits of thought.

Your old habits are sticky. They will pull you back. So it will take some mental sweat on your part to resist their siren call. The key is resist, and replace. Take away yout energy and put it on something new.

So, if you habitually look for and expect the worst... Turn it around. Start to look for what is right and good in your life. Is that hard? You bet it is if you have spent years convincing yourself your life is a complete train wreck. You might need to start small. Little changes in thought will have big changes upon your life experience. For some of you, you might have to strenuously ignore some of the shit that is still hitting the fan of your life. You might have to dig deep to look for things that you could appreciate and be grateful for -- even if its just a moment of relief like "I'm so grateful I didn't get beaten up again today!"

Small mercies noticed expand to become a life richly blessed.

Turn your life around with Mind Power!Knowing you as I do -- and believe me, I KNOW YOU! -- allow me to make a recommendation that will help you overcome the years of negative programming you've inflicted upon yourself.

It will help you turn the tide and turn a corner in your life and escape into the warm, bright sunshine of a new life. It's a set of audios aimed at overcoming specific "sad sap" states of mind. Go check it out, read the experiences that other people have had using them and, if you can relate to them, I encourage you to use them as you chart your course to a different life, a better life in which you are strong, dynamic, joyful even -- it's the "YOU" you were meant to be.

So go now to: THINK RIGHT NOW and change your life.