Brainpower Discoveries 

"Turbo-Charge Your Brain Power"

3 quick tips to boost your brain, fire up your intelligence and become sharper and smarter

In this rapid-paced world, the demands on your brain power are becoming ever more urgent and significant. If you want to grow your brain so that you can meet this demand, there are various things you can do. Some of these mental enhancement tips will seem too simple but don't be a fool and dismiss them because of their simplicity. Instead embrace them, give them a try and see if they work for you as they have done so powerfully for others.

1. Portable Memory Bank 
Brain power tip1: Keep a notebook like Leonardo da Vinci did!Here's a tip from the great Western mind master, Win Wenger. What you do is carry a notebook or a digital voice recorder with you. I suggest you try this for 3 days at first. Commit to working with it for at least that amount of time. What do you do? Record your though, ideas and observations as you go about your day. Just jot down a quick note whenever you notice something or have a thought about something. Or record it and then type up your recordings onto your PC later on in the evening.

CLUE: Try to look for things that others would miss. Like the way the sunlight is streaming across the leaves on the pavement. Use sensory rich language. Try to capture at least 50 ideas and observations a day.

NOTES: Ideas come into our mind all the time and most of them disappear because we ignore them or forget we had them. When you record your ideas, it lets your mind know you are listening. You'll get more and better quality ideas. Your brain will fire up even more. Also by becoming more observant of your world, and noticing the little details, you will build the overall energy, focus and vitality of your brain. Your mind will be that much sharper!

2. Self-Interview
Brainm power tip 2: Higher Self-Interview-- This tip may seem a little strange but it's a very effective way to stimulate your mind and get your brain working. All you do is create a dialogue between yourself and your imagined all-knowing higher self. I do this by typing my "interview" in a word document. Now before you have a go at me for getting all woo-woo and metaphysical, here's the thing. It doesn't matter if this is real or not. It will work either way. All you need to do is PRETEND that it is real, just for now, and just for fun. Now imagine that this inner self is omniscient (all-knowing), omnipresent (everywhere present) and omnipotent (all-powerful). Whatever your current challenges, problems or worries are, it knows the answers and can give them to you if you ask the right question!

3. Be A Big Head
Brain power tip: Be a big head!Here's what I want you to do. Read the following instructions and then do it. Close your eyes. Count in your mind, slowly, backwards and downwards from 25 to zero imagining tension escaping from your body like air from a tyre valve. When you reach zero tell yourself that you are now deeply relaxed. Now visualize that your head is expanding by about an inch (2.5 cms) in ever direction. To help you do that as you breathe in, imagine golden light flowing into your head from all directions and filling it like electricity filling a light bulb. As you do this you can periodically think, "I am getting more and more intelligent." Keep this up for at least a minute or two. When you are ready, stop, relax and then count upwards and outwards from 1-to-10, telling yourself that when you reach ten you will open your eyes and feel brighter, more refreshed and more intelligent than ever before.

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