The Six Sexiest Ways To Boost Brainpower

Discover how to "turn on" your super intelligence...

Six Sexy Ways to Boost Brainpower

Boosting your brainpower doesn't have to be boring. So you can toss out the puzzle books, and trash the suduko if the mere sight of them makes you throw up.

The fact is you don't have to do all that stuff if you don't want to. There's a much easier way to turn on your brain's innate powers and unleash your genius intelligence. And you'll enjoy doing it. Why? Because it involves what comes most naturally to YOU...

Shhh.... pull the curtains, put cotton wool in the cat's ears, because I'm talking about SEX!

Yes, here's how you can turn on that inner lightbulb in the most fun ways and get your natural brilliance to shine through!

1. Stoke the fire

Stoke the mojo fire to boost your brainpowerGeniuses and creative people have high sex drives. There. I've said it. Napoleon Hill was one of the first to notice this. He wrote about it in his famous book, Think and Grow Rich. It's in chapter 11, the one called "The Mystery of Sex Transmutation". The fact is that very clever people who do a lot with their lives have high physical energy, a sexual vitality that they pour into their work (and sometimes into their lovers and muses!). If your mojo is missing, you won't have enough "spark" to be as smart as you could be. Get fit. Fighting fit. I recommend Matt Furey's bodyweight exercises (hindu squats, hindu push-ups, pull-ups, push-ups, reverse grip pull-ups, tricep press ups), sprinting (three times a week, x ten sprints, start at ten metres, add ten metres for every additional sprint so that on the tenth run you are doing 100m), and walking. To pep your sex energy up, investigate sexual herbs... there are different ones that work for men (ginseng, horny goat weed, alfalfa etc) and others for women (muirapuama, catuaba, and maca). Get your vitality spiked!

Boost your brain power the sexy way -- relish being alive!2. Relish your aliveness

Celebrate and explore your senses. Revel in the lushness of being alive. Really get into the tactile feeling of touching, tasting, smelling life in all it's glorious forms. Take an earthy delight in your body. Caress it. Rub it. Explore your world more fully through all your senses. Pour your awareness into each of your senses and WAKE UP out of your habitual tranced way of interacting with the world. Wipe the slate clean. Start afresh. See the world through new eyes. Listen, really listen, to the sounds around you. Delight in music. Savour the diversity and texture of all your senses. This will make you much more intelligent than most of those around you -- who are all in a trance of daily habit-laden living. Feed your brain REAL experiences. Watch a cat delight in rubbing against your leg. Be like THAT!

3. Be inspired 

Leonardo da Vinci's muse was the Mona LisaWho or what turns you on the most? See how the words tell the secret? You want to turn on your natural brilliance and the easiest way to do that is to find someone who presses all your YES PLEASE buttons (think: hungry drooling dog face!). Great geniuses are inspired to do great work by the thought of some ideal and often that ideal is a person they adore, worship or lust after. Get yourself a muse. Somebody who just makes you go uuuaaaaagghhhhh at the deepest lustiest level of your being. Get aroused by the thought of them. Let your love soar. Do creative things in honour of them. Dedicate your actions to them. Let your self become enthused and fire up with the thought of them. This floods your brain with energy and powers your mind to do extraordinary things.

4. Build a dam

Dam it! How to boost your brain power 5When do you feel most alive? When you are at your horniest! When you are full to bursting with vitality and desire! If you want to feel like that and saturate your mind with that fantastic... I'm aliiiiiiivvvvvveeeee feeling... put a cork in it. Stop that energy from escaping. A bit of abstinence and denial can do you the world of good. Whether it's fasting from food or abstaining friom ejaculating, orgasming or in any way acting fully upon your sexual desires... you'll find your vitality will soar. In the sex department, take a leaf from the troubadours and limit yourself to expressing your love and lust through words, song, acts of derring do or long meanngful gazing into the eyes of your beloved! Damming up your sexual energy is not the answer in the long term, you have to channel it somehow. All that creative energy must have an outlet, so make sure you get busy being romantic or working on your specific worldly or spiritual goals. This is a great one for driving your mental abilities into the stratosphere!

5. Arousal Carousel

Sexy ways to boost your brainpower: the arousal carouselOne little sexy mind trick you can do is employ sex energy and imagery when you are working on boring or "dry" topics. Like mathematics, for example. One famous Nobel Prize winner used to work on his calculations in a strip bar. The sight of all those naked ladies kept him fired up and aroused and he used that energy to do his hardest thinking work. Experiment with this. If you were visualizing a goal for instance, like winning the championship, getting a promotion, or manifesting a new Ferrari, you could employ sexual energy and arousal before and during your visualizations. You might do this by masturbating and then switching your mind's attention to seeing your goal as realised. Make love to that idea of you achieving that goal, as though it was real right now. Love it. Delight in it. Incorporate your sensuality in the having of that experience. If you are on the Gold Medal podium, you might even visualize yourself there, and imagine your perfect fantasy woman or man there in the audience "flashing" you as you receive your award. Link sex into the things you want to be great in, and it can bring a lot more mental power to the task.

Be the Greatest, like Ali, don't have sex and preserve your Chi!6. Channel Your Chi

Sexual energy is a real thing. It has a quantative substance. Scientists don't know this yet. Boxers do. Fighters do. The ancient Chinese Chi Kung masters did/do. So do the Indian yogis. Learn about chi kung and you will discover ways to have multiple orgasms while preserving, building and channeling your sexual energy into higher spiritual centers. For some of you this will sound like a big pile of bull crap. I respect your intelligence enough to know that you are at least open to investigating this further and experimenting with it for yourself. Meanwhile, conserving your sexual fluid prior to a big sporting event, business meeting, or exam can help ensure your brain is at its best, If you want to be "the Greatest", copy Muhammad Ali and retain your sex fluids at least until after the big day! Then when you win, seal the deal or pass the exam, you can "pop the cork" on the champagne... so to speak!

There you have it six sexy ways to boost brainpower. Signed, sealed and delivered. But if you want to really boost your brainpower and get a genius IQ of 180+, then gallop like Champion the Wonder Horse over to and check out "The Complete Guide To Genius" system.

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Thanks for reading! Toodle-pip!